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Ever wondered whether your contractors have paid your deducted taxes on........ look no further with

 KJ Accounts CIS checker service.

More and more CIS (Construction in Industry) workers are finding out that the tax that was deducted by their Contractor was not passed onto HMRC and have a nasty shock when its time to do their returns or receive a demand to pay letter so to avoid the upset and sleepless nights, I have set up the CIS checking service which allows workers to find out their tax affairs status as a one off or on a frequent basis so that they can have peace of mind.

KJ Accounts offers a range of accounting services to

customers for over 7 years but this service is becoming increasingly popular amongst Construction in Industry Workers.

What our customers are saying

So happy with this service, I trusted my Contractor but later found out my deducted taxes were not passed on to HMRC which left me having to pay again and sort out with my contractor so to avoid this happening to me again,  I now get peace of mind by using KJ Accounts CIS checker.  Best thing ever for us contractors.

Dan - Gloucestershire


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